About me...

Over the past 10 years, I have worked in the photographic industry, I spent my time with people – doing graduation, school and event studio photograhy. I am very grateful for the experience in portrait photography but my biggest love has always been dogs.

As a child I was always surrounded by dogs and they were my best friends. So I combined my 2 passions and now specialize in dog photography. It’s so much fun and I enjoy every minute of it!

Cesar Millan is my role model as to how to understand dogs and how to get the best out of each little character. I find it very fascinating and exciting at the same time.

My work has been featured in ‚Monthly Photography‘ (UK), I have also worked in the celebrity magazine, ‚STAR‘ (SVK), I received the award for the best newcomer in Peterborough Photografic Society, most recently my photos were published in a dog calendar for the charity ‚Utulok Levice – OZ Stastny domov‘.


Linda, 26 (Jan 2015): "Thank you Zita so much for the cute photos of my baby Gas, they really show his personality and we both enjoyed the day at the shoot!! I totally recommend your service and am looking forward to have some summer shots too :)."


Agnesa, 48 (Dec 2014): "Thank you very much for your work and nice photographs of my dog Eddie who is 14 years old. I really wanted to have a nice portrait done. I’m very pleased I chose you, your personal touch and attitude was amazing and you put us both in a relaxed mood. I definitely recommend your work. Good luck for the future."