Photographing dogs

My studio is located in Zvole (on the outskirts of Prague, 20mins from Novy Smichov). It is a pet friendly environment. I use hygienic vinyl backgrounds. In case the customer decides to have an exterior package, we can use the nearby woods.

I always recommend to meet up with a client and his/her dog prior to the actual shoot in the studio/exterior in order to openly discuss about the client’s vision of the shoot, the type and style of photographs wanted and the most important point, it enable me to see the normal behavior of the dog with its owner and it’s character – so I can show it later on in my photographs.

I appreciate that we live in a very hectic lifestyle and some customers cannot come to the studio in normal working hours, I am very flexible and we can agree on a time that is suitable for both parties.

I have to mention that a walk prior to the shoot is a ‘MUST’ to burn off the dog’s energy, otherwise they will be too lively to photograph properly. I understand that some young dogs are full of energy anyway, but please try to ‘wear them out’ beforehand.

Also the basic behavior commands like ‘sit, down, stay’ are needed as this will help to achieve the desired result. Working with the dog without commands is also possible but we cannot guarantee the wanted results.

STUDIO photography packages

EXTERIOR photography packages